Comfort :

The dynamic wedge PROPULSKI gives "rounds" the steps of the skier. Every step is dampened (there is no more shock on the heel) and boosted automatically. The shoe friction is eliminated because the system fluidifies the ascent as well as the descent of the foot. The wedge adapts itself naturally to the slope and allows a better catch of skins because it helps the foot to go back up while sticking the ski on the ground. The backward slips of the ski, so harmful for the hips of the skier, are almost eliminated. As the weight of the skier becomes an asset, there is less need to find relief on the poles thus allowing for a more natural straight position lifted by the springs; the nape of the neck, the back and the hips are relieved : which is even more obvious when the skier has to carry a heavy backpack... There is only need to compensate for the the weight handicap by using adapted springs, which will convert it in propelling force (guides, climbers, expeditions). It's the same when we tow a load (partner or pulka). The launch at restart eased, which improves the conversions and gives rhythm to the progress in all types of snow. 

Performance :

The dynamic wedge PROPULSKI preserves the energy and the legs of the skier who can climb more, go faster or have a better recovery according to what they look for.

Safety :

The latest generation insert bindings(Diamir Vipec 12 , G3 ion, Dynafit Beast 16 ) bring increased safety for the skiers at the expense of higher weight. These bindings take the shoe further away from the ski compared to the other low tech bindings. This increased space between the shoe and the ski allows for a higher propulski to be fitted with even higher clearance and thus better comfort and propulsion... You will not have to choose any more between ease of ascent or pleasure and safety in descent!


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