March 14th, 2012

Christophe, first-aid worker in mountain, France :

Having used Propulski, I find only advantages in its use.

Zero defect.

First the weight is completely negligible at 100 grams for the pair, and then an extremely simple and fast usage.

Second, during the use on hard snow Propulski absorbs all the vibrations and provides a surprising comfort, it is like jogging with a very good pair of shoe, it is more pleasant.

Third, whatever the steepness of the slope, the compressed spring act as a wedge but always at the right height.

Fourth, by progressing with a faster rhythm, the propulsion of the spring is felt all the more and brings a feeling of speed and remarkable ease.

To try it it is to adopt it !


March 14th, 2012

Thierry Cornillon, CRS mountain rescue, Alpes-Maritimes :

It is a surprising product !

Amazing by its simplicity, somebody had to think of it.

Amazing by its efficiency. I was surprised by the muscular savings once at the top of my hike ; where usually my legs are suffering by the end, but there, absolutely nothing.

No problem for the conversions as it changes nothing.

It is a dynamic wedging. The spring being placed under the foot arch, it is necessary to adopt a position less tilted forward, with a more raised bust.

I use less support from the poles.

I tried it with articulated F1 Scarpa, it works, but I think that some energy from the spring is lost because of the bellows. It is better to favor stiff shoes.

In summary : comfort for the amateur and a plus for the competitor.

An innovative product. To be recommended.


Pierrot, Alticoop, Nice :

After 2 full days using of this ingenious system the result is completely satisfying...

I afraid of being already addicted to it.

Propulski gives a certain "roundness" the steps and we benefit from movement inertia resulting in a good effort saving.

The foot goes down slower; "dampening"; and goes back up with this light but significant impulse provided by the spring. To realize the effect, try it for half an hour and remove it to... After a few minutes you will want to put it back right away.

Other advantage, it levels the slope and gives the feeling that you are using an automatic wedge.

It not hinder (even the opposite) during the conversions. It can as well be used with ski-crampons.

It lighten each step resulting in a saving of the knee joints, mine being a little used and sensitive it is considerable. Certainly the faster you go the better the system works but the lift and the comfort at average speed is already very, very effective.

You have to try it immediately, it is that simple..... And brilliant!

Thanks, Patrice, for his idea and for all the design work. This is going to help a good numbers of hikers soon !


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